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Uplift is a rapidly growing initiative committed to empowering the next one million women and families in 20 countries with basic skills, training and assets to overcome extreme poverty.

Our Challenge

Over 500 million people live on less than 75 cents a day. Families are living without adequate housing, access to education, and health care. Often, there is little or no clean water or safe nutritious food. Women and their children often carry the heaviest burden of poverty. As a result, families in extreme poverty cannot take advantage of most social programs and are excluded from their communities.

Fortunately we now have a solution that works for women and families: receiving stabilizing support for basic needs, learning marketable skills to start small businesses, and re-entering their communities through social inclusion programs.  With this comprehensive approach, we are permanently breaking the cycle of poverty and opening up new possibilities for those who need it most.

We Believe

Women have the power to change the trajectory of their families and communities in the world’s poorest areas.

When we support high performing organizations to work together in a network across continents, with the strategic support of governments, multilateral, businesses we have the chance to reach millions of the world’s poorest and create a driving force in the global effort to end extreme poverty.

We are funding only proven solutions that have shown significant positive results in the ability for families to create a sustainable income and lift themselves out of the harshest conditions of poverty.

The Strategy

Uplift has a clear strategy designed to produce measurable results…and we won’t stop until we reach our goal. Over the next five years we will:

Fuel a movement to mobilize philanthropy and government support for experienced international organizations to scale the Graduation approach, a holistic and proven solution to overcome extreme poverty.

Create a breakthrough suite of technology, tools and training that will ensure that organizations and governments implementing Graduation programs have what they need to deploy effective ground teams, achieving results at scale.

Invest in a network of partners bringing the Graduation approach to 20 countries, reaching the next one million families.

Our Story

We created Uplift out of a strong desire to help end extreme poverty within our lifetime.

In our search for proven solutions, we learned about the Graduation approach pioneered by BRAC. Graduation programs stood out as the most cost effective and transformative approach to permanently overcome the harshest conditions of extreme poverty. After seeing the potential of this program to change the lives of families, we had to act. Working together, Amplifier, Erol Foundation and BRAC created a vision for a global movement to unite philanthropists with governments and catalyze new organizations to bring the Graduation approach to those who need it most.

Erol Foundation and Michael and Xochi Birch are the angel investors behind Uplift, funding global operations. With support from investors like them, every dollar Uplift raises will be given to Graduation programs around the world. We are rapidly growing through new partnerships, and we need your support.

Why the Graduation approach?

Graduation programs are the first poverty eradication approach proven to be effective, sustainable and cost-efficient. Launched by BRAC, it has been adapted by dozens of organizations working in many of the poorest parts of the world. By providing support for immediate needs and longer-term investments in six key areas, Graduation programs give extremely poor families the training, resources and confidence needed to create sustainable livelihoods and move forward with hope.

Through Uplift, millions of families will experience benefit of:

Food Security

Regular meals and healthy nutrition for all family members


Income-generating activities and goods for small trade


Weekly home visits and hands-on training


Access to clean drinking water and a sanitary latrine


Financial literacy and savings accounts

Social Integration

Community mobilization and access to basic services

For the first time in history

MOMENTUM WITH WORLD LEADERSThe United Nations has set a goal to end extreme poverty worldwide by 2030 stating, “We have the know-how and the means to address these challenges, but we need urgent leadership and joint action now.”

A SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN APPROACHResearch by the World Bank and the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor determined that graduation programs lead to “large and lasting impacts on the standard of living for the ultra poor.”

A VIABLE PATHWAY OUT OF EXTREME POVERTY MIT Development Economist and MacArthur “Genius Grant” recipient Ester Duflo said, “This program [the graduation approach] has been evaluated with very rigorous randomized control trials … it's been found to be one of the most successful anti-poverty programs I've seen [for] raising people's consumption level, food security, sense of dignity, sense of belonging.”

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This is our moment to build on the momentum fueled by the success of Graduation programs, the passion of investors and international media coverage to address one of the world’s most urgent challenges.

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Everyone can participate in the power of change

Angel Investors

Individuals and foundations have a new and exciting way to co-create social change and experience the benefit of unparalleled access, knowledge, transparency, and accountability.


Everyone donating to Uplift will have exclusive opportunities to experience the victories of people around the world and be a part of making history.

Implementing Organizations

Hundreds of organizations will experience a new way of working together and benefit from new tools and technologies to serve more people faster.

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Global and National Partners

Government, microfinance institutions and multilateral organizations will receive tailored support to help more citizens prosper and strengthen national economies.

Now is the time. Our generation. Your action.

You Have the Power to Transform Lives

Angel investors have made generous contributions to support 100% of Uplift’s operations, so every dollar of your donation will support Graduation Programs and empower more women and families and empower them to rise above extreme poverty. To contribute to Uplift, please click here.

To find out more about investment and partnership opportunities, please share your information here.

"Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice. Sometimes it falls on a generation to be great. YOU can be that great generation."
Nelson Mandela
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